I am excited to welcome you to the official website for the American Psychological Association’s Division 33 on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities/Autism Spectrum Disorder (IDD/ASD). Division 33 is a professional organization concerned with psychological research, professional education, and clinical services that address the needs of individuals with IDD/ASD across the life span.

As a Division, our goals are to:

·  expand and exchange knowledge and information related to IDD/ASD through research, education, and professional      communication

·  enhance professional development and the quality of professional services

·  develop partnerships with persons with IDD/ASD and with professional organizations that represent them in order to incorporate their perspectives

· inform legislative and administrative bodies of the importance of psychological, behavioral, and social factors in IDD/ASD services and the value of psychology in contributing to the solution of problems in this service sector

·  strengthen the practice of psychology in IDD/ASD as a distinct professional and scientific entity

·  pursue the creation of standards for training, practice, and research for psychologists in IDD/ASD

In the coming year, Division 33 and the field in general will be called to address challenges posed by society to marginalized populations, including those with IDD/ASD. On a daily basis, members of Division 33 promote social justice through their clinical work, research, and development of the next generation of psychologists devoted to working with people with IDD/ASD. As a Division, our members need to think about the important ways to foster full inclusion and participation of individuals with IDD/ASD into our communities and society. As someone looking for information on the topic, we hope you are compelled to work with us to achieve this important mission.

Feel free to provide feedback or a ask question.  I encourage you to email me directly if you have any ideas about the ways Division 33 can further promote our mission to improve the lives of individuals with IDD/ASD. To connect with like-minded colleagues, find us on Facebook and join us at the 2019 Annual Convention next August in Chicago.

Thank you for your interest in Division 33. We aim to be a welcoming and inclusive division for all. We are particularly devoted to engaging early career professionals and students with networking, mentorship and advising our Executive Committee. You are the future of the APA and Division 33.

V. Mark Durand, Ph.D.
Division 33 President, 2018-2019