Autism Program Director, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

The Institute on Development and Disability (IDD) within the Department of Pediatrics, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) invites applications for the position of Autism Program Director.

The incoming Program Director will provide leadership by contributing to the mixed mission of OHSU. Importantly, the successful candidate will strengthen partnerships between researchers and clinicians by both establishing a line of clinical research and supporting scholarly activities related to autism and associated conditions through collaborations with other leaders in autism research. To promote critical linkage between clinical and research endeavors, the incoming director will provide patient care through the clinical arm of the Institute on Development and Disability Autism Program Director Position Announcement program. Further, the successful candidate will maintain and build new relationships with community partners (e.g., Autism Society of Oregon). Time devoted to each activity will be negotiated with the successful candidate.

We are seeking a professional with a strong clinical research emphasis, proven track record of securing extramural funding, excellent clinical skills, and demonstrated leadership. As such, candidates at the Associate Professor level may be most competitive. This position is open to individuals with doctoral degrees of various professional backgrounds (e.g., psychology, speech-language pathology, developmental pediatrics). Must be licensed in Oregon or license-eligible and able to attain privileges at OHSU.

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